Blogs about Mental Health and other subjects

Welcome to my website, started late September 2016 under my pen name Will Edwards. I have not written blogs for a long time but have now, March 2018, decided to start blogging again.

This time there is a real purpose because my blogs will mainly deal with mental health/ wellbeing issues. Not mine for that probably would bore the reader as much as it does the writer. However, our wellbeing is important to all of us and the plan is to write about this on a regular basis in the hope it helps others. To me the pleasure of writing is helpful enough.

My name is Wil Voitus van Hamme and I live in beautiful Dorset, England. Time to read and write is part of the daily routine. In fact, there must always be time to write. This ‘writer’ does write in his journals each and every day. With a fountain pen no less for it is the craft of handwriting that is deemed far preferable to using a keyboard on a computer.

Writing can perhaps be addictive, but to me is just part of life. It is part of a chosen lifestyle. It is certainly not a compulsive disorder.

The interest in writing, combined with a passion for good mental health opportunities for all make that blogs will be produced. There is no claim to quality writing here, but always the aim to write something that might be of interest to you, the reader. So, the motivation is to try and write useful blogs.

Mental health is not a scary subject, it is who we are. The terminology is associated with ‘ issues’, illness and so forth. There is lots of jargon; not very interesting, often boring. And, mental health is still suffering from stigma. We label and many don’t talk enough. Some talk too much, but that could be part of them not feeling well.

Anyway, there will be other subjects to write about as well.

Blogging is a chance to communicate as well and thus you are encouraged to share your thoughts.