The long and winding track

The long and winding road, or is it track?  Are we off-track, off the rails? Is it all doom and gloom for this world we are living in. Will the Trump Administration be the last missed opportunity and thus will utter chaos be upon us?

Questions people ask themselves. Reading some of the blogs the last couple of days there is a lot of pessimistic writing out there. To be fair, there is for sure reason for concern. We face serious problems indeed and humans, you and I will have to solve them. Or else.

There are conflicts, there is poverty and climate change is a fact, whatever the cause.

So, what do we do about it? Well, if you hope the writer knows the answers you will soon be disappointed because I know as little or much as the next person. But don’t we all know?

Whether you like Barack Obama or not is not my problem. It seems to be part of human nature to like or dislike other folk. As long as we remember this often tell us more about ourselves and refrain from abusing and violating others we can probably deal with all this.

How different gets all this once extremism gets hold of the agendas because ‘normal’ folk can no longer find answers to the many questions they do have. Extremists jump on the despair they smell because things are not going so well. Things were not going so well over the last decade or so. Terrorism, recession, you name it.

Published by Will Edwards

Writing is something I love to do. Writing is just communication and using the format of a blog opens the opportunity to engage in a written dialogue.

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