For the love of life. To connect and communicate.

I have not been blogging for some time now and the simple reason has been that there has been too much other writing going on and also other also things happening in life. One has to take stock sometimes and decide which way to move with things. I have had to figure out what purposeContinue reading “For the love of life. To connect and communicate.”

My grandson and peace on earth

My beautiful grandson (if you have one yourself, he is as beautiful as yours) will be two next week. He has an amazing smile, you know one of those that makes your heart melt. This afternoon I had a little nap after a long and refreshing walk. The dream that came was a dream ofContinue reading “My grandson and peace on earth”

Look forward in anger, maybe?

There is so much to be critical about right now that one wonders how to start ventilating frustration. Clearly things in this beautiful world are not quite as they should be, whatever side of the fence you are. We should not have a side of the  fence perhaps. One can rant and rave about whatContinue reading “Look forward in anger, maybe?”