About a hearing aid repair.

About a hearing aid repair.

An early start today to ensure to timely join the queue in our County Hospital for a hearing aid repair, but probably replacement.

Being there well before the opening time of 9AM there are still some people in front of me.

A case of never mind; one does however not want to waste too much of valuable time. This was after all the reason to leave home early.

Well, by writing a bit there is at least the pretentention no time wasting occurs.

The last couple of days we have lived in a rather surreal world, somewhat dominated by a certain person that will soon be the so called leader of the Western world. It is also called the Free world.

The noise surrounding this whole process is deafening and might well be the reason my hearing aid is giving the ghost.

One does not really want to hear, or see anything about the utter chaos anymore.

So, getting that aid repaired is thus tricky business, but there goes.

It worked out the hearing aid was past its sell-by-date, and did get a new one.

Perhaps we need to come to the same conclusion with the president elect. Come on gives us a new one, because this one is past his sell-by -date before he has even started. We need something fresh and positive and that will be working; guaranteed.

Wonder whether he can hear me.

Dignified silence

Dignified silence

Millions of words have been spoken and written during the race to elect the next President of the USA. The noise has been deafening and divisions between peoples should alarm politicians and media alike.

This is no game and too many people live in fear. Never the best advisor that is, fear.

It is long overdue that media and politicians show some restraint. Freedom of speech is a great good but sometimes a dignified silence helps a cause better. Wounds need to be healed and divisions turned into acceptance and unity.

America has shown how much work there is to do in this terribly divided world. Let’s get to work and do it quietly.



The best news today is the fact that the race to vote the next President of the USA comes to an end. Well one hopes so anyway. There is not so much to say about this since too much words have already been spoken.

The race has been a tragedy, an insult to humanity. For this we should be grateful as it teaches us that radical change is needed. We humans need to change to enable a better society. Politics does not work, war does not work. We know what does not work so why do we carry on, making more mess. Why do we not care?

The most significant notion is how devised us humans are. Surely, we are all responsible for that. The question is how we can unite.

Race, religion, sex, country of birth; it does not matter, should not matter. But it does, for we fear. We know we do not know.

Whomever is the next POTUS does not matter for it will not bring the change humanity as a whole, or you as a person need. Humans need an inner revolution to change themselves and thus society.

It is hard work, but worth to try and create real hope.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Today I finally met Karl Marx, well stood at what is his second resting place at Highgate Cemetery in North London. His first grave was deemed too obscure, too simple by the admirers of this man, who died in 1883. His current resting place was erected in 1954, and his body exhumed from the old, today still existing grave, and reburied in its current, far more prominent spot. The massive head of Marx, his monument, is visited by both his many followers and those who hate his thinking and communism, of which, after all, Marx is an important symbol. Below the head of the thinker the famous (or infamous, depending on taste) words “Workers of all lands unite” can be read.

Standing at the grave my thoughts went back to the time that, as a naive but idealistic teenager, I had a poster of the man on my bedroom door. The attractive aspect of Marx’ thinking to me was simply the word ‘unite’. He wanted the normal folk to unite and be stronger, so there would no longer be poor people. That was just my teenage thinking and even today that seems fine.

An awful lot of unbearable things have happened since communism got a foothold in this world. One would argue also very good things have come from (mis)using Marx’ thinking. Still, I felt apprehensive standing there and was contemplating what the man would have made of it all himself.

USA; Quality debate?

USA; Quality debate?

My observations about the election campaign for the next POTUS make me despair about a lot of things, but the reader will not be bored with all that. What strikes me most is the lack of any quality of debate. It is just a mud slinging competition, a circus of division. It is painful to watch, to listen to and to read about. It is even not nice to write about but one feels the need.

Being a simple human being I’m confused by the whole thing. I’m just feeling sorry for humanity and wish the great people of the USA all the best for the future. May they find something in common to move forward to a less divided future. Young people need hope, something to aspire to.

Freedom of Speech – it is not an excuse 

Freedom of Speech – it is not an excuse 

It is clear that freedom of speech is a great good. There have been very important reasons for the UN and individual countries to both embrace and make this principle law. Great, but since the writer is not a lawyer this piece is not about the technical aspects associated with the laws to do with freedom of speech. The approach will at this stage therefore be kept simple.

There can be said a lot about the subject but at this stage it is just the fact that people think they can say about anything they like, whilst hiding behind their rights that prompts to write something.

Freedom of speech does not mean one can just say anything that comes to mind,  nor has it ever meant to be that way. Admittendly, countries differ in their approach how is dealt with these particular issues.

With freedom comes responsibility, comes a duty towards having this right. Whilst it is undoubtedly right that it is normal that people should be entitled to whatever their opinions might be, and articulate this at any time and in any place, too many folk nowadays use this right to dish dirt, incite hatred, spread division, and so on.

Why bother about this? Firstly because just saying whatever you like impacts the world we talk about, our fellow humans. Secondly if people speak too boldly about sensitive issues, things that are part of other folks being, for example their religion, or their sexual orientation, they provoke a reaction. This reaction can be potentially one that can not be condoned in its own right

So, the writer wants to censor and abandon freedom of speech? The contrary is true. We need to protect this great right, our freedom of speech. The writer is concerned that the lack of quality of debate, the constant ranting and raving that goes on, will encourage lawmakers to introduce more and more censorship. To avoid just that we need to make sure we protect freedom of speech, and not use it as an excuse.

See this piece as a sort of first draft please.

Bob Dylan 

Bob Dylan 

Bob Dylan is upsetting folk and it makes me chuckle. 

The man has been awarded the Nobel price for literature, and that in itself has been enough to kick-off heated discussions all over the media. To top it all now another wave of opinions hits us, because, a member of the price awarding committee has proclaimed how impolite and arrogant Dylan’s silence is; having received this greatest of accolades.

Dylan has been kicking and challenging the establishment for well over fifty years now.This does not mean he is not secretly part of it. What does one expect of him, now the establishment wants to embrace him in the most official way thinkable. 

My approach would be to accept the price, give a blistering speech about all that is wrong with the world and, since no need for it myself, give the money to victims of war. Enough choice.

Dylan, the myth, for sure is enjoying himself right now

Diversity? Yes, please!

Diversity? Yes, please!

If there is something disturbing going on in the world right now, it is division. The us and them, the black and white, the Muslim and the Christian. People seem to be willing to slaughter what is different from who they are. You are a Democrat, a Communist, a Republican and so on. Whatever you are seems to be better than what the other is. 

Now one would argue this is nothing new and that is right. But stating that and just to  shrug one’s shoulders is all too easy. The question to ask is why do we not accept, even celebrate diversity. Why do we have this fear of the unknown, because that’s what it mostly is. 

Something to ponder.

Culture Barbarism 

Just been reading an article in The Guardian about the fact that the exam board has decided to end A-levels in classical civilisation, archaeology and history of art. How dare they, culture barbarians. 

When I was young just the fact that you had the opportunity to study Classics was seen as a sign of a civilised world, something to embrace. Whilst I appreciate that we humans do our utmost to destroy all that is beautiful in this world, that cannot mean we scrap the Classics from the curriculum. 

The exam board should promote the Classics and suggest they need to start studying them to improve their understanding. This should enabe them to come to better decisions.



I am confused a lot lately for there are so many things I do not understand. There are lovely friends and family, there is this beautiful part of the world I am lucky enough to live. Have enough money, reasonable health and seemingly endless opportunities to do something positive, something truly constructive with life. Still, there is confusion. 

Take the election of the next president of the USA, the rather embarrassing shambles that has worked out to be. How can this help the world forward?

Take the ongoing horrific fighting in Syria, so many innocent people killed. For what? What is humanity about?

Take what happens in Britain with Brexit. What is that all about? A grotesque spectacle, all ill-founded. Not improving any body’s life.

Take what happens with ongoing poverty all over the world, and with humans not really tackling climate change. Confusing.

The one thing I am not confused about is the actual fact that I am confused.