The darkening enlighted

The darkening enlighted

Charles and Claire live in a handsome Georgian townhouse in Dorset, England, and they feel that on the whole life is not bad at all. And it is not for them personally. They are contented with their lot.

Claire is enjoying her early retirement and has embarked on a number of activities to keep herself not only occupied, but, as she put it, give meaning to her days, try and live life to the full. Help others and coach people badminton, teach adults to read are only some of her many activities.

Charles still works part-time in the finance department of a local food producing factory. He has had his career in the City and is no longer interested whatsorever to work in that kind of environment. He fills part of his spare time with writing, reading, walking and the odd game of golf.

Together they share a passion for walking, go out for a meal and visit the family and many friends they love deeply. Another shared interst is travelling and staying at their caravan in Somerset, another pretty county these isles are full with.

So, life is good for they have a lovely family and great friends but the skies have been darkening of late for the world is changing rapidly. This is where this little story started, and the question they ask themselves is where it will end.

The world is divided and there is massive change going on in the USA, and also the uncertainty of Britain leaving the European Union. There is now a cocktail of uncertainties and current affairs that makes any normal human being feel somewhat apprehensive about the future.

Claire and Charles have grownup children and are lucky enough to have the enjoyment of lively, happy grandchildren. But now some worry has started to set in.for their future is at stake. The world is in turmoil, with potential conflicts just around the corner. There is poverty and climate change one worries about.

The hatred being created towards people coming from another country, with perhaps another religion. The reckless games being played by politicians mosttly concerned with their own small interests, their own ego. It is all weighing on our couple.

What to do? Just go on with life and try to be merry, or put all energy towards protecting their family and other loved ones. Embrace the future, whatever may come?

A darkeing has started but Claire and Charles are determined to look at the sun and let the shadow fall behind them. Enlightment embraced.


Freedom of Speech – it is not an excuse 

Freedom of Speech – it is not an excuse 

It is clear that freedom of speech is a great good. There have been very important reasons for the UN and individual countries to both embrace and make this principle law. Great, but since the writer is not a lawyer this piece is not about the technical aspects associated with the laws to do with freedom of speech. The approach will at this stage therefore be kept simple.

There can be said a lot about the subject but at this stage it is just the fact that people think they can say about anything they like, whilst hiding behind their rights that prompts to write something.

Freedom of speech does not mean one can just say anything that comes to mind,  nor has it ever meant to be that way. Admittendly, countries differ in their approach how is dealt with these particular issues.

With freedom comes responsibility, comes a duty towards having this right. Whilst it is undoubtedly right that it is normal that people should be entitled to whatever their opinions might be, and articulate this at any time and in any place, too many folk nowadays use this right to dish dirt, incite hatred, spread division, and so on.

Why bother about this? Firstly because just saying whatever you like impacts the world we talk about, our fellow humans. Secondly if people speak too boldly about sensitive issues, things that are part of other folks being, for example their religion, or their sexual orientation, they provoke a reaction. This reaction can be potentially one that can not be condoned in its own right

So, the writer wants to censor and abandon freedom of speech? The contrary is true. We need to protect this great right, our freedom of speech. The writer is concerned that the lack of quality of debate, the constant ranting and raving that goes on, will encourage lawmakers to introduce more and more censorship. To avoid just that we need to make sure we protect freedom of speech, and not use it as an excuse.

See this piece as a sort of first draft please.

Sound of silence

Sound of silence

Is it not nice. No television on, not even music, soothing or not.Nothing to distract from a little bit of writing.

Silence, a great friend, brings calm to the tired brain. Adorable state of mind. Life is so loud nowadays. My brain cannot cope with the noise continuously coming its way.

I want to be very load about proclaiming that we need more silence.


Politeness at work

Politeness at work

Two ladies from a certain age were dealing with the unwanted absence of one of the directors of the dairy they are working for. Apparently the man in question was supposed to be in the office to meet an important member of staff from one of the most valuable service providers. A new deal to be negotiated.

The director had totally forgotten about this meeting and was instead involved in a strategic directors meeting in a nearby town. The ladies, realising how unfortunate the incident was, they now had to deal with, were ranting and raving about the director and at one point the phrase about organising certain things in a brewery was used.

From the corner of the office a little man’s voice could be heard saying: “at least you could say  that he cannot organise a milkshake in a dairy”. The ladies now laughed and showed some more politeness.



I am confused a lot lately for there are so many things I do not understand. There are lovely friends and family, there is this beautiful part of the world I am lucky enough to live. Have enough money, reasonable health and seemingly endless opportunities to do something positive, something truly constructive with life. Still, there is confusion. 

Take the election of the next president of the USA, the rather embarrassing shambles that has worked out to be. How can this help the world forward?

Take the ongoing horrific fighting in Syria, so many innocent people killed. For what? What is humanity about?

Take what happens in Britain with Brexit. What is that all about? A grotesque spectacle, all ill-founded. Not improving any body’s life.

Take what happens with ongoing poverty all over the world, and with humans not really tackling climate change. Confusing.

The one thing I am not confused about is the actual fact that I am confused.