Politeness at work

Two ladies from a certain age were dealing with the unwanted absence of one of the directors of the dairy they are working for. Apparently the man in question was supposed to be in the office to meet an important member of staff from one of the most valuable service providers. A new deal to be negotiated.

The director had totally forgotten about this meeting and was instead involved in a strategic directors meeting in a nearby town. The ladies, realising how unfortunate the incident was, they now had to deal with, were ranting and raving about the director and at one point the phrase about organising certain things in a brewery was used.

From the corner of the office a little man’s voice could be heard saying: “at least you could say  that he cannot organise a milkshake in a dairy”. The ladies now laughed and showed some more politeness.

Published by Will Edwards

Writing is something I love to do. Writing is just communication and using the format of a blog opens the opportunity to engage in a written dialogue.

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