My grandson and peace on earth

My grandson and peace on earth

My beautiful grandson (if you have one yourself, he is as beautiful as yours) will be two next week. He has an amazing smile, you know one of those that makes your heart melt.

This afternoon I had a little nap after a long and refreshing walk.

The dream that came was a dream of dreams. In it I was carrying my grandson to all the great conflicts in the world and we stopped. My grandson did what he does best and smiled at the conflicting parties. Every conflict stopped.

We had great fun and agreed that if conflicts flare up again we go and travel and smile. If life was just a dream.

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Well, it feels a bit nippy today and it is actually a grey old day. If you would want to feel miserable you easily could. But, why would you want to?

We took our lovely old dog for a walk at Kingston Lacey, a stately home just a few miles down the road from here. We often go there because both the dog and ourselves enjoy the woodland walks and the formal gardens to top it all up.

Today we had a spring in our step because the gifts mother nature keeps giving pleased our eyes. Not only fields of snowdrops to admire, but so many other plants showing signs that spring is on its way.

That feeling of spring arriving makes you just feel that bit more joyful. This despite that all the seasons, here in Dorset give us already so much.

Thank you Mother Nature. 

Politics is death, long live life !

Politics is death, long live life !

If the recent bruising race to elect a new President in the USA has proven something, it is that politics is death, or at least should be.

We can try and understand what went wrong, and let be clear this would have been so whatever the outcome.

All what has happened is that extremism, ugly debate has won. We are all responsible for allowing this to happen. Now we are in a mess, because extremism has won. For the moment.

There are a lot of issues facing humanity and we need wise, serious and genuine human beings to come together and try to address those issues. Politics does not work like that, for politics is about power. It is all too ugly.

You can be anti-establishment but if you are still after power and try to bully your ideas through, you are no better than any politician. Let me be clear there are lost of decent human beings that are also politicians. Genuine people that try to address the dangerous world we have created. People that try to address conflict, poverty and climate change.

The swing towards what is called right extremism is worrying, but so would a swing to left extremism have been. The latter will be in some years time or so be the response to the former, and this is why politics does not work.

We need change, but not the change politicians keep promising.

The change we need is first and foremost acknowledge that each and every one of us is responsible for the mess we are in. So, all  of us can do something to create a future for the children of this world, and generations hopefully to come.

We cannot control nature, but we can destroy it. We can not avoid death, but we can live a beautiful live. And help our fellow humans.

We have a choice, whatever our circumstances, wherever we live. It is hard work, but let’s be serious and do it. Now.



Have a look at this beautiful initiative by just clicking on the above link. It is about writing letters to folk that live with cancer. It is so positive, and such a great initiative that it needs sharing. Please feel free to reblog this, and inspire your readers.

I strongly recommend considering this yourself, for we all know someone that lives with cancer.

Be inspired and let me know what you think. More to the point let that friend know what you think, by writing that letter.



The best news today is the fact that the race to vote the next President of the USA comes to an end. Well one hopes so anyway. There is not so much to say about this since too much words have already been spoken.

The race has been a tragedy, an insult to humanity. For this we should be grateful as it teaches us that radical change is needed. We humans need to change to enable a better society. Politics does not work, war does not work. We know what does not work so why do we carry on, making more mess. Why do we not care?

The most significant notion is how devised us humans are. Surely, we are all responsible for that. The question is how we can unite.

Race, religion, sex, country of birth; it does not matter, should not matter. But it does, for we fear. We know we do not know.

Whomever is the next POTUS does not matter for it will not bring the change humanity as a whole, or you as a person need. Humans need an inner revolution to change themselves and thus society.

It is hard work, but worth to try and create real hope.

That light

That light

I was lucky enough to play a game of golf this afternoon. Let me rephrase this. I attempted to play a game of golf this afternoon.

Whilst hacking away at this tiny little ball, trying to get it in the right direction, playing the right length,and so on, I suddenly had to stop. Had to stop because something woke me up.

The light, that fabulous Autumnal sunlight,  covering the golden and red leaves of those old trees, surrounding the golf course, just took my breath away. One can never describe the beauty of such a moment for it is gone once you try to do so.

Who cares about a bad game of golf, being blessed enough to witness and be part of the power of nature. 

Bob Dylan 

Bob Dylan 

Bob Dylan is upsetting folk and it makes me chuckle. 

The man has been awarded the Nobel price for literature, and that in itself has been enough to kick-off heated discussions all over the media. To top it all now another wave of opinions hits us, because, a member of the price awarding committee has proclaimed how impolite and arrogant Dylan’s silence is; having received this greatest of accolades.

Dylan has been kicking and challenging the establishment for well over fifty years now.This does not mean he is not secretly part of it. What does one expect of him, now the establishment wants to embrace him in the most official way thinkable. 

My approach would be to accept the price, give a blistering speech about all that is wrong with the world and, since no need for it myself, give the money to victims of war. Enough choice.

Dylan, the myth, for sure is enjoying himself right now

Silence and calm

Silence and calm

Just been walking the dog and now enjoying a cuppa. Blissfully quiet in the house, very strangely quiet one would say.

It is one of those grey early autumn mornings and it feels as of nature has come to a standstill. In fact it somehow feels that life has done the same. Everything is calm, so the inclination is to just let it be that way.

When it is so peaceful the decision to make is whether to let the angry big world back into your life. Look at the news on the television, or the internet and all noise will start all over again.

I decide to leave the angry big world for what it is today and get on with life. It is all one can do really.



It is getting rather autumnal now and it is fair to say that, since we moved to a more rural part of England, our appreciation for the seasons has grown.

Living, and spending most of your time in town, one tends to associate autumn with rain, shorter days, lower temperatures. It sometimes makes you feel miserable.

How different it can be in a rural area. The magnificent colours of trees starting to lose their leaves, the smell of the country, berries and the breathtaking sunsets and lights are just some of the things to behold. The oxygen in the air makes that beautiful walk you decided upon even more enjoyable.

Autumn, one of my four favourite seasons.

Culture Barbarism 

Just been reading an article in The Guardian about the fact that the exam board has decided to end A-levels in classical civilisation, archaeology and history of art. How dare they, culture barbarians. 

When I was young just the fact that you had the opportunity to study Classics was seen as a sign of a civilised world, something to embrace. Whilst I appreciate that we humans do our utmost to destroy all that is beautiful in this world, that cannot mean we scrap the Classics from the curriculum. 

The exam board should promote the Classics and suggest they need to start studying them to improve their understanding. This should enabe them to come to better decisions.