That light

I was lucky enough to play a game of golf this afternoon. Let me rephrase this. I attempted to play a game of golf this afternoon.

Whilst hacking away at this tiny little ball, trying to get it in the right direction, playing the right length,and so on, I suddenly had to stop. Had to stop because something woke me up.

The light, that fabulous Autumnal sunlight,  covering the golden and red leaves of those old trees, surrounding the golf course, just took my breath away. One can never describe the beauty of such a moment for it is gone once you try to do so.

Who cares about a bad game of golf, being blessed enough to witness and be part of the power of nature. 

Published by Will Edwards

Writing is something I love to do. Writing is just communication and using the format of a blog opens the opportunity to engage in a written dialogue.

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