Writing; the why

People talk and write a lot about what writing is all about, or why they do write themselves. A lot can be said about the subject indeed.

Writing is simply a way to communicate. Whatever form you give to your writing, it is your way to find a way of communicating. 

The advice to myself is to keep it simple, to not be pretentious, but to try and write so others can understand it. This however difficult the subject might be. Simple is often difficult but it has become my aim. 

Why use words that are seldom used. To impress, to show people how clever you are? My view is that clear, well written language is both beautiful and important. If you really want to communicate that is.

War and Peace? Not for me. Diarrhoea of words, to say it not very elegant. Yes, impressive enough.

Writing to communicate, to connect, is what I am after. My struggle is about putting into words that what we perhaps all struggle to put into words. 

Published by Will Edwards

Writing is something I love to do. Writing is just communication and using the format of a blog opens the opportunity to engage in a written dialogue.

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