Information overload – say no longer to that.

Information overload – say no longer to that.

I do not know about the reader but it is fair to say that my brain no longer can cope with what is on offer in this world. The last couple of months, without really realising what was happening I felt increasingly overwhelmed by events. And now, still feeling groggy from what it has done to my wellbeing stock has been taken.

No longer the television news will be watched for any lent of time, or the internet will be visited for hours on end, just to learn about terrorism, war, conflict, division between people. No longer getting wound up by the bruising politicians. This can no longer be a life, it destroys us.

So, all that suffering the world, humanity, creates can no longer be mine, or yours I sincerely hope. The news will be watched very sporadic, the Internet mostly used for creative purposes. 

The known world is in the above context just too bad, boring in its repetitive cruelty. We have to say goodbye to it to have a life.

Freedom of Speech – it is not an excuse 

Freedom of Speech – it is not an excuse 

It is clear that freedom of speech is a great good. There have been very important reasons for the UN and individual countries to both embrace and make this principle law. Great, but since the writer is not a lawyer this piece is not about the technical aspects associated with the laws to do with freedom of speech. The approach will at this stage therefore be kept simple.

There can be said a lot about the subject but at this stage it is just the fact that people think they can say about anything they like, whilst hiding behind their rights that prompts to write something.

Freedom of speech does not mean one can just say anything that comes to mind,  nor has it ever meant to be that way. Admittendly, countries differ in their approach how is dealt with these particular issues.

With freedom comes responsibility, comes a duty towards having this right. Whilst it is undoubtedly right that it is normal that people should be entitled to whatever their opinions might be, and articulate this at any time and in any place, too many folk nowadays use this right to dish dirt, incite hatred, spread division, and so on.

Why bother about this? Firstly because just saying whatever you like impacts the world we talk about, our fellow humans. Secondly if people speak too boldly about sensitive issues, things that are part of other folks being, for example their religion, or their sexual orientation, they provoke a reaction. This reaction can be potentially one that can not be condoned in its own right

So, the writer wants to censor and abandon freedom of speech? The contrary is true. We need to protect this great right, our freedom of speech. The writer is concerned that the lack of quality of debate, the constant ranting and raving that goes on, will encourage lawmakers to introduce more and more censorship. To avoid just that we need to make sure we protect freedom of speech, and not use it as an excuse.

See this piece as a sort of first draft please.