Information overload – say no longer to that.

I do not know about the reader but it is fair to say that my brain no longer can cope with what is on offer in this world. The last couple of months, without really realising what was happening I felt increasingly overwhelmed by events. And now, still feeling groggy from what it has done to my wellbeing stock has been taken.

No longer the television news will be watched for any lent of time, or the internet will be visited for hours on end, just to learn about terrorism, war, conflict, division between people. No longer getting wound up by the bruising politicians. This can no longer be a life, it destroys us.

So, all that suffering the world, humanity, creates can no longer be mine, or yours I sincerely hope. The news will be watched very sporadic, the Internet mostly used for creative purposes. 

The known world is in the above context just too bad, boring in its repetitive cruelty. We have to say goodbye to it to have a life.

Published by Will Edwards

Writing is something I love to do. Writing is just communication and using the format of a blog opens the opportunity to engage in a written dialogue.

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