Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Well, it feels a bit nippy today and it is actually a grey old day. If you would want to feel miserable you easily could. But, why would you want to?

We took our lovely old dog for a walk at Kingston Lacey, a stately home just a few miles down the road from here. We often go there because both the dog and ourselves enjoy the woodland walks and the formal gardens to top it all up.

Today we had a spring in our step because the gifts mother nature keeps giving pleased our eyes. Not only fields of snowdrops to admire, but so many other plants showing signs that spring is on its way.

That feeling of spring arriving makes you just feel that bit more joyful. This despite that all the seasons, here in Dorset give us already so much.

Thank you Mother Nature. 

That light

That light

I was lucky enough to play a game of golf this afternoon. Let me rephrase this. I attempted to play a game of golf this afternoon.

Whilst hacking away at this tiny little ball, trying to get it in the right direction, playing the right length,and so on, I suddenly had to stop. Had to stop because something woke me up.

The light, that fabulous Autumnal sunlight,  covering the golden and red leaves of those old trees, surrounding the golf course, just took my breath away. One can never describe the beauty of such a moment for it is gone once you try to do so.

Who cares about a bad game of golf, being blessed enough to witness and be part of the power of nature. 

Sound of silence

Sound of silence

Is it not nice. No television on, not even music, soothing or not.Nothing to distract from a little bit of writing.

Silence, a great friend, brings calm to the tired brain. Adorable state of mind. Life is so loud nowadays. My brain cannot cope with the noise continuously coming its way.

I want to be very load about proclaiming that we need more silence.



Well this is my first blog. It is not really but now I have my own site.

So, welcome!

My interest in writing goes from journalism to short stories and all other writing that is relevant enough to be considered.

The aim is to ‘attack’  you, the appreciated readers continously with new writings, but not to bore you with the content.  Boredom is a terrible thing.

Please share your thoughts at any time for that can only help and inspire.