For the love of life. To connect and communicate.

For the love of life. To connect and communicate.

I have not been blogging for some time now and the simple reason has been that there has been too much other writing going on and also other also things happening in life.

One has to take stock sometimes and decide which way to move with things. I have had to figure out what purpose writing should have. What drives me on, what gets me out of bed, and decide to write.

To keep it simple it is just for the love of life that I write. With this comes however that the writer has serious concern about the state this world is on. Concerns about the more vulnerable, children and also social injustice.

I am not really interested in politics at all, but am in the consequences. Whilst being positive provocative am not interested in trying to upset or divide people. The contrary is true and much rather find ways to make people connect and communicate.

Anyway, for the forseeable future the writings will about that and can either be fictional or non-fictional.

I do hope to connect and communicate with fellow writers for the love of life!

The blues

The blues

Some days are just strange and feelings cannot be defined. You do not know whether to laugh or to cry and meander between hope and despair. A day you do not know what to do with yourself.

Today is such a day and it is OK. Escape is not possible and what would be the point anyway. 

Write a bit, rest a while and see the thoughts pass. Just look at them and see. It is all needed. 

The end of the blues.